The International Academy "Golden Fortune" is a unique scientific structure which has united scientists from 30 countries. Sociological researches of the Academy, and also rating projects, developments in the sphere of social and military psychology, and also political science by the specialists of "Golden Fortune" became a creative basis for further work of profile experts in tens of countries of the world. Academy Awards are the subject of pride for distinguished personalities all over the world.Academic Almanac “Golden Fortune” is spread in nearly 60 countries of the world. First of all, these are the motherlands of 30 Academies of Sciences that are represented by flags on the first page. The cooperation between the Academies of Sciences is widespread among these countries, and the Presidents of the Academies have become the members of the Presidium “Golden Fortune”. This solemn edition you may receive by post, having given charity funds to the address of publishing house that promotes noncommercial circulation of scientific literature.

The edition of this Golden Book is rather large, but sometimes it is printed in additional copies due to the orders.

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IARTAS “Golden Fortune”

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